Import/Export Initiatives

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Auriferous Software Inc. is an associate firm of LTI.

Auriferous Software provides software and consulting services to financial services organizations. We specialize in the development and implementation of robust process flow and control systems that provide a high level of efficiency while minimizing the risk of processing errors.

While the day-to-day users of the Aurisoft suite include operations staff, portfolio managers, relationship managers etc., we are also focused on providing the organization’s executives with a convenient management oversight framework to monitor operating anomalies and to ensure operations are performed effectively and efficiently.

Aurisoft provides software and back-office services for investment managers and securities brokers. Detailed information is provided on our web-site at:

We would like to investigate whether there is an opportunity to provide this type of service in Latvia & the Baltic region.

Initially, this might be pursued directly by supporting the service from Canada. The longer-term goal would be to create a firm on the ground in Riga which would provide services in the Baltic/European region. This could involve partnership arrangements with local custodian banks, software firms or investment/brokerage firms.

The discussion paper for this project is available here: