Import/Export Initiatives

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Lettonia Trading Inc.

Food & Beverages


K. Kuplais, R. Lote & K. Mierins

Health Care


I. Purvs, E. Eglitis, K. Mierins,

J. Lusis, & K. Kuplais



K. Mierins



A. Kesteris, R. Klaise & I. Purvs

Forest Products


R. Lote, M. Sausins, J. Roce,

K. Zichmanis, K. Mierins,

A. Bunkis, I. Hausmanis. &

A. Baders

Metal Working


T. Birze, R. Lote



I. Hausmanis, J. Roce,

A. Baders & E. Eglite.

Finance & Investment


A. Bunkis, P. Brauns,

K. Brauns &  R. Lote


Investment Management Software & Administration


We have created a number of working groups responsible for specific market sectors. These are made up as follows...

Information & Telecom


A. Bunkis & J. Steprans


Investment Management Software & Administration



I. Purvs, R. Klaise,

M. Sausins & A. Kesteris



I. Purvs, P. Brauns, R. Klaise,

A. Kesteris & K. Kuplais

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